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Getting Rid Of the Multi Colored Ball That Freezes the Screen?

When browsing the internet a bouncing multi colored ball appears appears on the screen and freezes the mouse moving?
Peter Dobbins

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    2 years ago

    The spinning wheel. It means that your Mac is having a hard time keeping up with what you have running. If you have a lot of apps running, particularly ones that are doing things in the background, then try lightening that load. It could also be caused by browser extensions and such.

    It is hard to diagnose what is slowing down your Mac. I’d look at what you have running, browser extensions, system extensions, any software running in the background (cleaners, anti-malware, etc). Something is the cause.

    If you can’t diagnose on your own, then I would take it to an expert or the Genius Bar. No reason you should have to put up with it.

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