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Gmail in Apple Mail

Gary In apple mail I have Set my Gmail email account as Imap.
In the folders on the left i see MAILBOXES and under it i se Inbox Sent and Trash… then lower down I see GMAIl and all my labels under Gmail that is on the website.
Very often the SENT in Both places is not synchronized.
It’s a little confusing but i am sure you could help me figure this out !
cyrus Dubash

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    10 years ago

    There are some settings under Mail prefs, in Accounts about where to store Sent email. Maybe try playing with those.
    Otherwise, hard for me to give you advice on this.

    Scott Winders
    10 years ago

    Use the “Use This Mailbox For” command under the “Mailbox” menu. For example, select the “Sent Mail” mailbox under the “GMAIL” section and then go to the “Mailbox” menu, select the “Use This Mailbox” menu item, and select “Sent” from the popout.

    That should take care of it….

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