Forum Question: Good Basic Page Layout Program- a Little Above TextEdit.

I recently upgraded my HDD with a smaller SSD and am looking to keep it lean by not installing so many apps I don’t use much any more. But one thing I do have a need for is something to do some basic page layout.
I used to use Quark XPress, but, aside from the very occasional flyer, I never touch it any more. TextEdit is way too simple, and I haven’t tried making something in OpenOffice. What’s a good, basic writing program with the ability to drop in a background, and lay type and images over it for a flyer, or a letterhead with a “silkscreened” logo behind?
Anthony Burokas

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    2/17/12 @ 12:00 pm

    Easy answer: Pages. I guess a lot of people think of Pages as a word processor. But it is also a page layout program. In fact, the templates are split between “word processing” and “page layout.”
    You can create different elements, like graphics, text boxes, etc. Move them around. In front of and behind each other. Link text boxes together to flow text, wrap text around things, lots of rulers and guides to help, etc.
    Plus you’ve got a good low price, and nice OS X features built into it.
    See to see some basics.

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