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Good Mac Gaming Headphones for Mac

Hey Gary my step son would like Gaming Headphones. He plays a lot of games like Minecraft and other games online. So for christmas he would like a set that he can connect to the Mac. We gave him our older Mid 2007 iMac. Do you have any recommendations for Gaming headsets that will work nicely with the iMac? Since he does not live with us full time, I am looking for something that would be fairly easy for him to hook up. Thanks in advance

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    7 years ago

    I don’t have any recommendations. For the most part, headphones are headphones. There’s nothing special about “gaming” headphones. Typically, you get what you pay for. A $100 pair of name-brand headphones will be better than a $30 pair of no-name headphones.
    But perhaps you don’t mean “headphones” but a “headset” — the difference being that a headset has a microphone. Gamers use them to chat while playing multiplayer games.
    If that is the case, then you want to make sure you get a good USB headset that is compatible with Macs. Most are, but it is always good to check.
    I don’t buy “gaming” headsets, but I have looked into ones that work well for podcasting and other voice recording. Plantronics makes good ones. But I would just look on your favorite online store and read reviews of headsets that are in your price range.

    7 years ago

    You are right I did mean to say headset. He has now I believe a turtle beach headsets. I set it up for him on the iMac before by just plugging in the Aux jacks in the appropriate input/output jacks on the iMac and of course plugged in the USB. I went to system preferences and made sure the input was set to accept the headsets Aux instead for the iMacs built in mic and that seem to work just fine.
    So now that he wants a new set I was just curious if all headsets are that easy. Just plug in the USB (power), input/output jacks and set in system preferences? Looking online it seems some have issues with the Mac. I am with you, it should be as simpqle as plugging in the appropriate input/output, have a USB for power and make sure you set in system preferences and it just works. Am I missing something as to what would cause certain headsets to not just work?

      7 years ago

      A modern headset should just plug into USB. No need for any other connector. And it will be that easy for most, of not all, headsets. But it only takes a second to look at the specs and confirm that it works on Mac. I sometimes also look at Amazon reviews to see people mention Mac compatibility (or incompatibility).

    7 years ago

    Suggestion: Sit down with your son and “spec-out” what he desires. (He does know Santa’s $ aren’t unlimited?). If they aren’t, buy all you see, and have HIM return those he doesn’t “like.” (shipping-costs and all…-if you don’t get shipping free- shame on you) Doesn’t matter what “system” he’s running.

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