Forum Question: hard disc wear and tear re. secure trash

I was trying to drag the blue application folder to the dock to make it available to make stacks. Instead it started making copies of it self ( I do not know how many copies of the same files it made. ) for the dock. I stopped the copying process. However, I now had 223,000 files to delete. Because I was using file vault the trash was emptying securely. Unfortunately, I let it run over night for 12 hours until I stopped it and remove the rest of the files using regular trash. Did I damage my disk or reduce its lifespan by doing this?

— D. Brennan

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    9/21/10 @ 5:40 am

    No. You were just “using” your disk. No harm in using it. That’s what it is there for.

      D. Brennan
      9/21/10 @ 11:50 pm

      Thank-you for your prompt response, I feel better now.

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