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I just realized that I should have opened a new question instead of using the same heading before.I have watching your videos on different things and notice that you refer to hard drive level and user folders when explaining how to uninstall.Where would I find these please?I downloaded stuffit expander and I don’t know what happened.It was a huge logo and I tried to put in the application folder.I then couldn’t get it to quit so had to force it.I decided to put it in the trash and want to make sure everything is gone.I still couldn’t open the far files anyway so I must have been doing something wrong? Also, I made the mistake of pulling a documents folder off the dock and it vanished.I know it can be retrieved but can’t remember how.Can you help please? I am off to the library later to get the iMAC For Dummies so hopefully I won’t be bothering you too much from here .
Larry Reynolds

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    9/12/11 @ 8:39 am

    The hard drive level is at the top level of your internal disk drive. So, for instance, if your drive is named “Macintosh HD” then it is the top level of that drive.
    One of many ways to open a Finder window at that level is to choose Go, Computer. That will show any drives connected. Then double-click on the name of your drive to dig down into that drive.
    At the main level of your hard drive is the system’s Applications folder.
    As far as the program you downloaded, just follow the instructions provided on the download page. It could have been an installer that you downloaded. In that case, run it to install. If it was a plain application you downloaded, then the instruction should state something like “Drag it to your Applications folder.”
    You can add any folder to the Dock by finding it (Documents would be in your User folder, Documents) and dragging it back to the right side of the Dock.

      Larry Reynolds
      9/12/11 @ 8:55 am

      Thank you again Gary.I am both grateful and embarrassed ! When I power up my iMAc, I have the screen with the dock and a toolbar across the top with Safari, File etc.There is no mention of Macintosh HD at all.This is what has me confused when I look at the videos.So I then can’t find the user folder and the other locations that I need to.Could you oblige and give me a step by step as to where I should be going?
      I think I must have done something wrong with the Stuffit Expander because I didn’t notice any of those options.On the screen text enlarging, I am using a mouse, so I didn’t pinch anything.But I will keep an eye on what I am doing.Thank you again.

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