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Have iPhone Auto Turn On (sound Incoming Calls) When Arriving Home?

My wife’s and I got rid of our land line phone and purchased iPhones, but now when at home this is the only way to contact us and the problem is that since we are both teachers we silence out notifications or volumes ring tones when teaching, but the forget to turn them back on when arriving home. Thus when someone tries to contact us (i.e. I try to contact her about supper when she is home and I am at school yet – she does not know I am calling.)

Is there a way to set up a location auto feature so that when we arrive at home the phone volume will be turned up or the mute is turned off so that phone calls or messages will sound an alert to be heard. I know the the hue lights have a setting that when a person arrives home it automatically turns on lights.

Any ideas?

William braun

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    6 years ago

    I think your solution lies in the Do Not Disturb feature. Look for it in the Settings app.

    Typically, people use it to go into Do Not Disturb mode automatically at night. But you can set it to any time you wish. So you may find it more useful to turn on at the start of the school day, and then off again at the end. I think even if you switch it on at lunch and then off after lunch, it will still turn off automatically at the designated time.

    One of the great features about Do Not Disturb is the setting to "Allow Calls From" and select Favorites, or a Group (you define those on your Mac in Contacts). So you can also just use Do Not Disturb normally (at night) and switch it on manually during school. Then switch it off when done teaching. But if you forget, at least calls from your Favorites will go through.

    As for making this location-based, I don't know of a way to do it. But of course you can simply add a Reminder to notify you to "Turn off Do Not Disturb" when you arrive home. So it is a manual step, but at least you get a reminder to do it.

    John Pittman
    6 years ago

    With DND, one can edit their individual contacts to enable Emergency Bypass for either text tone or ringtone of both. When selecting a tone, scroll to the top for this setting. When enabled, these will bypass DND and alert. The audio even bypasses the side mute switch do if you're at a movie, turn your ringer volume down. I use it for the SMS notifications my company uses to 'page' with so I get them at night with DND active. The favorites option only affects calls, not texts.

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