Forum Question: Help with File transfer over FW800 with target disk mode

I have a Macbook Pro I am trying to transfer files from on to an iMac. Both computers have a F.W.800 hok-up and when i start up my Macbook in target mode and let the F.W. symbole pop-up. Afterwards I plug the cable in to the macbook then in to the iMac but nothing happens nothing pops up on the desk top. I have also tried using the migration assistance but still no luck. Any tips or help out there!!

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    10/28/10 @ 12:38 pm

    Have you tried using Disk Utility to see if the drive is even there? If it is, you can try to mount it in Disk Utility.
    If not, my first suspect would be the cable. Are you sure the cable works? Sometimes those can be faulty.

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