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Ho Do I Print Several Copies Of the Same Photo On a Single Sheet?

I want to print 4 copies of passport sized photos on my iMac but can’t see how to do this.
I can see how to print multiple photos on one page, but not if usage a single image.
(El capitan and photo)
Rob H

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    8 years ago

    I can think of two ways to do this. The first would be to bring the photo into another app like Pages or an image-editing app, duplicate it on the same page as many times as you want, arrange the duplicates so they print as you want, then print that page. This gives you a lot of control. In Pages you can insert an image and select one directly from your Photos library. Or, you can export from Photos (drag and drop to the Finder) and then bring that image into Pages or whatever.
    Another option is to simply duplicate the photo in Photos. Control+click on it and make 3 copies. then select all four copies and print them, using the Contact Sheet or any other of the printing options that allow you to print them all on one page. Then delete the duplicates.

    Rob Harrison
    8 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Thanks for your help, two good ways of achieving what i wanted.
    I assumed there was a way of just clicking and selecting multiple copies per sheet but your duplicate then contact sheet seems the best option.

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