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Home Page no longer Home Page with Lion

Before downloading Lion to my MBPro, when opening Safari I would land on my home page. After downloading Lion I now land on the last page visited. I can see how some might consider this advantageous, but I’d rather open with my home page; it’s why I set it as a home page.
I can’t figure out how to reset Safari so that my home page reappears as a home page.
John S. Whitman

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    10 years ago

    What you are seeing is the Resume feature of Lion in action.
    When you start Safari it resumes right where you left off when you quit. So if you had a window open with a page displayed, then quit, then ran it again, you would “resume” where you left off.
    So you have a few options:
    1. Enjoy the feature. Just get used to the new way it works.
    2. Simply close your browser window before you quit.
    3. Using Command+Option+Q instead of Command+Q. This will “quit and discard windows.”
    4. Don’t quit Safari. There’s no real reason to. Just close your windows if you want them to go away. Leave Safari running and then switch to it again and open a new window when you want to surf the web again.
    5. You can turn off the Resume feature in System Preferences General. Look for “Restore windows when quitting and re-starting apps.” But that turns it off for every app, not just Safari.

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