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Hi Gary,
I have an issue with home sharing. I have activated home sharing with the same accoun on my mac and a PC running Windows XP. I can see the mac music library on the PC and stream it, but I cannot copy the files to the PC library (so it is like file sharing, not like home sharing). I have ensured I activated home sharing (not just file sharing, though when I turn off file sharing on the mac the library disappears from the PC and I cannot make it reappear by deactivating / activating home sharing). I am positive I have the correct account activated and the PC is activated for the account (I can buy from the Itunes store and activate Genius on the PC with this account). I am sure I do everything as per the instructions, yet I cannot copy the music (neiter ripped from CD nor purchased).
Any idea what the problem might be? I did the same a while ago with another PC and it worked just fine.
I have tried to deactivate / activate home sharing several times. When I activate home sharing on the PC I get the little house icon with my mac library shown in Itunes, but as soon as I hit finish there is only the blue file sharing icon left (with all music accessible for streaming but I cant drag and drop it to the PC library). Thanks for any help

— Annie

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    5/13/10 @ 8:58 am

    It sounds like you have done everything that I would have tried. A lot of people are having similar problems with Home Sharing. It doesn’t seem like a very robust feature.

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