Forum Question: Home Sharing my complete iTunes Library with my iPad 1 and 2

I am home sharing my complete iTunes library with my ipads. When I play a podcast on my iPad I want it to delete it from my iTunes library is this possible? I have the settings to keep only unplayed podcasts and also in the sharing section home sharing computers update play count.
Ross Craig

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    5/29/11 @ 9:15 am

    So when you play it over Home Sharing, does the play count increase by one?
    If that works, then I’d imagine the podcast should get removed, but only after you “update podcasts” on your Mac. I believe that is when unplayed podcasts would be removed. Is that not happening?

      Ross craig
      5/29/11 @ 1:04 pm

      I just had a look and no my play count isn’t being increased on my iTunes, even though it says it is in the preferences.

        5/29/11 @ 1:15 pm

        Could be a bug in Home Sharing then. Are you letting those podcasts play all the way through to the very end?

          Ross Craig
          5/29/11 @ 2:40 pm

          yes, all the video and audio podcasts play all the way through. They play count doesn’t increase at all.

    Ross Craig
    5/29/11 @ 2:48 pm

    I just checked the Apple Support Community and it is a known issue.

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