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How Are Center Margins for Facing Pages Set for Pages After ’09?

Pages version after 4.3 (’09) seems to have lost the ability to set larger document margins at the center of facing pages as might be desirable for binding or hole punching. Currently, versions 5.6.x permits exporting to version ’09, but that seems crude just to attain flexibility in the setting of right and left facing page margins.
Tom Wear

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    4 years ago

    There is no support for “facing pages” in Pages 5.x. Without that, you can’t have inner and outer margins.
    My theory as to why this was removed is that things are moving away from print. As someone who has self-published a few books recently, and has been creating “print” books for the last 20 years, I see this as making at least some sense. Any special facing pages functionality, like different margins or page numbers on outer corners, has no place when a book is digital. With my recent book I sold way more copies on iBooks, Kindle and PDF than in print — 95% were digital, in fact.
    It would have been nice for Apple to include facing pages in Pages for those still working in print, but I guess the idea is that you can get that in Microsoft Word, which is the “pro” word processor, so there is no need for it in Pages anymore.

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