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How Can an iTunes Library Be Shared On a Multi User Computer?

How can an iTunes library be shared on a multi user computer (with separate user names?) I have tried using the shared folder but I don’t really understand what is happening…i am a pc user most of the day and this is driving me crazy!!!

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    11 years ago

    If you have multiple users, then you should have multiple iTunes libraries. Do you really want to share things like play counts, ratings, playlists etc with more than one person? Those are kind of individual choices.
    I'm guessing what you really want is to share music, right?
    In that case, each user should have their own library, stored in its proper place.
    But you can store music files (mp3 or aac) in a shared folder, and then link to it. Just go into iTunes preferences and turn off the two options under Advanced: copy to iTunes folder, and keep organize. Then when you drag and drop music from the shared folder into iTunes, it just links to it. The music can be in one place, and you can maintain individual iTunes libraries. You can even add music that is not shared, so you don't need to share everything.

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