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How Can I Accentuate Calendar Appointments?

I’ve been trying to mark some extremely important appointments on my Apple Calendar.

I would like to mark them with red letters or a dramatic sign about 2 to 3 times the size of the other notices; as I have a hard time seeing the notations, and remembering the important ones.

I don’t suppose there is any way to do that within the Apple Calendar program?

I can enlarge the calendar to fit my screen but that doesn’t help much.

I finally put the flag of the Seychelles (from the emoji list ) on each of those days (since it is a dramatic colorful flag); but it is not very large.

Del Knudson
Delmar H. Knudson

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    6 years ago

    Using Emoji is a good idea. There are probably even better ones to use. I’d look through them. Maybe use all UPPER CASE too.

    But there’s no way to change the font or style of an individual event title. Event information has to appear in a variety of places, like alerts, notifications, devices, etc. They also have to work within a standard that is used by other calendar systems too. So that’s probably why we are limited with styling. If the Mac Calendar app allowed us to bold or use a different font size, then it would be lost when viewed in other situations.

    6 years ago

    Why not using two calendars, one for the important appointments and give that calendar a red color.

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