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How Can I Always Use Dark Mode On Mac?

How to keep dark mode dark on Mac?
I like to always use dark mode on my Mac day and night, and have set Dark in Settings/Appearance.
Yet too often than not I get the white background in various Apps like Mail, Numbers, Safari, Pages irritating my eyes even at the minimal lightness level.
Guessed the general setting maybe overruled by individual App so I have tried per App to set it dark but no help:
In Safari, Numbers, Pages no Dark found in the menu’s (searched in the Help w/ no results)
in Mail I found Message > Show with dark background, licked on it, but no effect shown (Quit Mail/Open again no difference). Mail does show dark w/ the sidebar/Overview which is good, but what I most look at is the white Message field …

Moreover, from time to time I noticed my chosen Dark in Settings/Appearance not staying in Dark, as if it’s reset by something/one, so I have to manually change it back every ones a while …

Is it possible to always use Dark Mode on a Mac?
If yes, how?
What more can/should I do?

Device: Mac Running Monterey

App: Something Else
Lei Lei

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    3 years ago

    Not all apps support Dark Mode. And Dark Mode really only applies to the interface, not the content. It depends.

    If a web page specifies black text on a white background, then that is what you will see. The website developer can set up a Dark Mode style as well, but most sites do not. Double the design work and cost with lots of upkeep for two site designs.

    In apps like Numbers and Pages, you have complete control over the colors. You can always decide to write in white text on a black background. But the document colors won't automatically switch when you turn on Dark Mode. That would cause havoc with a lot of people's documents.

    Same for Mail. The colors used in the message will be followed. A plain text message will show white on black in Dark Mode, because there are no colors in a message like that. But HTML messages (newsletters, etc) will obey the HTML code and show the colors the designer picked.

    If you find that this irritates your eyes, you should look into doing something else besides Dark Mode. Try adjusting screen brightness first. If that is not enough, then use System Preferences, Accessibility, Display Invert Colors or the Color Filters section.

    3 years ago

    Very informative and helpful info, thank you very much Gary for the super quick reply!

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