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How Can I Block Messages Sent To Me?

I’ve been getting messages several times a week from someone for several years. Each time it’s from a different telephone number. The only consistency is he calls me “Thanh” in every one. Is there any way to block messages from him?
Jack Travis

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    3 years ago

    Not with your Apple devices, no. If the message comes from a different phone number each time, then there's not much you can do about it.

    But maybe you can try some things.

    First maybe call your mobile provider and maybe ask them. Each provider is different and maybe they have something they can do on their end. I doubt it, but you can try.

    Another tactic is to change your mobile number. You'd need to call your provider for that too.

    On your iPhone, you can turn on "Filter Unknown Senders" in Settings, Messages. Then at least you aren't bothered by it as much.

    Lastly, search for SMS message blockers in the App Store. These will try to filter out some spam, and if this is spam, or a person using spam services to make the caller ID change each time, then it may help.

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