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How Can I Clear Out Old iOS Files On My Mac?

Hi Gary, I am trying to clear some space on my MacBook Pro and using the About this Mac, then Storage, when you look at the hard drive, it shows I have 118GB of files labelled iOS files from the days when I stored all the apps on my Mac rather than just re installing from the store. Where are they stored and how can I delete these and get some space back?? many thanks .

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    1 year ago

    Those are probably your iOS backups. Connect your iPhone and then in the Finder click the device in the left sidebar under Locations. Then on the General section, click the Manage Backups button. Then you can delete old backups.


    If you think you may have old iOS apps still on your Mac, they would be in the Music folder in your iTunes folder somewhere. Not sure of the exact location as it has been a long time since I had such files.

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