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How Can I Close At Once Various Info Windows I Opened In Finder?

If I hit the info icon in finder to get info about a folder, then pops up one(1) info panel!
So far so good! But if I accidently do it on a folder with various selected files, then I get for each file an info panel! For example from a folder with 50 selected items means 50 info panels.

Is there any option to close all 50 info panels a once, or do I have to close them one by one?

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    4 years ago

    There is a quick way to close all of the windows, but it will take any other Finder windows with it. Command+Option+w will do it. Or, hold the Option key down and select File, Close All. The Option key changes Close Windows to Close All.

    So there are a few other options. One is to use Command+w to close the current window. You can hit Command+w a bunch of times pretty fast. So you can do that and only close the info windows and not the Finder windows.

    You could also stop using the info windows altogether. Instead, use Command+Option+i. Instead of File, Get Info this is File, Show Inspector. The Inspector window is a single window that shows information for the item currently selected in the Finder. So you can open it, then select different files and it changes to show the information for the currently-selected file.

    If you have 50 selected files and use Command+Option+i, you just get one Inspector that shows the shared properties of the 50 files. Then you can select the file you really wanted to inspect. Try it and you'll see.

    Ian MacGregor
    4 years ago

    Gary: I don't normally comment on a comment, but I felt this one was worth it. I have been using Macs since 2012 and never really understood the difference between Get Info and Show Inspector until now. Thank you for your help!

    4 years ago

    Ian (and others): I've got an old video about it here:

    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, it clearly answered my question! Thanks a lot for the fast response!

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