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How Can I Convert a Pages Doc To a Word Doc for Recipients Who Do Not Have Pages?

When I create a doc in Pages, my clients cannot open them. How can I convert to Word w/o buying Word?

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    7 years ago

    There’s a function for that in Pages. When you are ready to send them the document, you can choose File, Export, Word. That will save a copy of the document as a Word file.
    If you just want to email the file to them, you can also choose Share, Word. There are actually two “Word” choices in the Share menu — the first will open a new email message with the Word file attached to make it one step for you instead of two.
    One thing to consider is what if they don’t have Word? Mac users sometimes think that all Microsoft Windows users have Word, but that is not the case. Just like with a Mac, you have to buy it separate. Many home users don’t have it, though they can open Word docs in other apps in Windows. Plus, converting from Pages to Word could change the formatting of your document as they are different apps with different features.
    So a better idea might be to export/share as a PDF. PDF files are meant for this. Think of it as printing to a file — the PDF should look identical to your original document no matter if they are viewing on Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. That’s another advantage: it can be viewed on many more platforms.
    Now PDF files are meant for viewing, not editing. So if your need is to have people collaborate with you on the document, then PDF won’t work. But more likely you don’t want them to edit the document, you just want them to be able to view it without a hassle. Then PDF is a much better option than Word.

    Gary W
    7 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    What program would I have to use to convert to PDF, (on a Mac)

      7 years ago

      Pages exports to PDF as well as Word. That’s why I suggested PDF in my original reply.

    7 years ago

    How do I send documents from pages to recipients and I want them to be able to edit but I want the formatting not to change. What is Adobe Create PDF or Smart PDF Converter Pro. Do they do what I need?

      7 years ago

      You don’t need anything special to make PDF files from Pages. Just export (share) as PDF. But that is for final documents, not collaboration. If you want to collaborate and not have the formatting change, then send them the Pages file — they must have Pages to edit it, tho.

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