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How Can I Copy the Pictures Of My Wife’s iPhone To My Computer?

I would like to copy the pictures of my wife’s iPhone to my computer.

What is the best way to copy the pictures if I want the best quality?
I was reading somewhere that in order to save space the iPhone does not store the best quality of the pictures.
Should I therefore download the pictures from her iCloud if I want the best quality?

Another question
How do I know if the iPhone has stored the best qualify of the pictures?


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    4 years ago

    Is she using iCloud now? If so, then set up a new user account on your computer for her if you don't already have that. Once she has her own account, she can set that up with her Apple ID so she can access her iCloud stuff in that account on your computer. Then she can go into Photos and turn on iCloud Photos and it should give her access to all of her photos there after a new minutes.

    If she isn't using iCloud yet, then she can still do the same thing, just turn on iCloud Photos on her phone too.

    If she isn't using iCloud Photos, then the best (only) copy of those photos are other iPhone. If she is using iCloud Photos, then if she has the "Optimize" option turned off for the Photos app, then she also have the full versions on her phone. If the "Optimize" version is on, then she may have some photos and not others. But all would be in iCloud.

    I think maybe you got the idea that the iPhone doesn't have the best quality photos from an older method of syncing. If you stored your photos on your Mac or PC, and then synced them TO the iPhone, then you would be syncing smaller files that would still look good on the iPhone's smaller screen. But then the original best quality photos are on your Mac or PC. Maybe this is what you are thinking of? It doesn't sound like this is your situation though.

    4 years ago


    I have a dynamic table with data for my delivery co. I have a drop down to select different weeks via indirect function. Among the things that I keep track of are total gross revenue, total orders, revenue/mile, revenue/hour, orders/hour, etc.

    I’d like to add a feature to this table that shows which of these are trending up or down. Ex- last week my revenue per mile was $1.17 and this week it’s on track for $1.32, that would be up.

    Can you explain how to use the forecast function?

    4 years ago

    Ryan: Just do exactly what you said. Compare the value this week to the value last week and see if it is larger or smaller. The FORECAST function takes lists with x,y values and forecasts a new y value from an x value. See the help text on this and look at the example. I don't think it will be useful for you here.

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