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How Can I Correct Skewed Photo?

When i take a foto from a picture with a frame (eg in a museum) it happens that during capturing the lens is not exactly on the level of the center of the picture. This skews the resulting photo. The corners are not square and the borders not parallel. Can I correct that with the Photos App?
In some cases I cropped the photo – deleting the picture frame, but in some cases i would prefer keeping the frame.
Heinrich Fickler, Germany

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    2 years ago

    You can do this, but it requires a tool beyond Photos or Preview. I’ve done it many times using Acorn or Photoshop. The tool in Acorn is Perspective Transform. You can select the corners of the photo and straighten it.
    I did this as a tutorial last year for Club MacMost (Patreon members) and straightened photos I took of buildings where I was standing level with the base of the building, so I am looking upward toward the center of the building. Then I straightened the photo so I appears that I am looking right at the center of the building and the sides are parallel.
    The tool is fairly self-explanatory. But maybe I’ll do a regular tutorial on that soon.

    Heinrich Fickler
    2 years ago

    Hello Gary, thank you very much. I tried it with Acorn and it was easy and the result is perfect. This was exactly, what i was looking for. I had some small experience with Acorn before, but i did not recognise this tool. – Heinrich Fickler

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