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How Can I Create 1 Font Style for a Document Having 2 Different Fonts?

Changing the font of an entire document, when there are 3 different fonts on the page. I am operating a 2020 iPad Pro, and functions must be different, because other instructions send me looking for icons and keys that are not there. It used to be so simple (older iPad), but the “improvements” of the tops in technology seem to need a “translator” in order to become “user friendly”.

I had composed a rather lengthy article, and accidentally used two different font styles. Now that I’m ready to publish it, I need to get all of the font style to be the same.

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    2 years ago

    So let's say that text using style 1 is correct, but the text using style 2 is not. Select some text that is style 2. Just a word will do.

    Then tap the paintbrush tool. Then change the font and other settings to what you want. As you make changes, you'll notice the style name change from "Style 2" to "Style 2*" The * tells you the selected text uses Style 2, but has also been altered beyond Style 2.

    Next to Style 2* you'll see an Update button. Tap that and it will update Style 2 to use the changes to that selected word. So now all text that used Style 2 will be updated.

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