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How Can I Create a Geographic Triggered Notification?

Can I set a reminder or note to play a tone when I get near a geographic location?

Explanation. I create a reminder / Note that will play a tone and give me the list on the reminder / note when I get to the drug store. The weeks or days before I can add to the “Riteaide” reminder / note. The next time I go to the Riteaide store my phone will play a sound notifying me I have a note for that location. This reminder / note will be all the items I have added on this list.
David C

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    2 years ago

    You can do this using Personal Automations in the Shortcuts app. Get the app from the App Store if you don't already have it. It is free from Apple.

    Then create a Personal Automation to alert you when you "Arrive" and choose the location. Then, as an example, you can add the action Show Reminders List and choose the list that applies.

    Then when you get to that location, you'll get that notification and can tap it to jump right to that Reminders list.

    See for the basics on how to do this, though you won't be using the "automatic" setting in this case.

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