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How Can I Create a List Of Photos and Include the Date It Was Taken?

I have a bunch of photos of an electric meter. I also have each photo tagged with the keyword “Meter” (no quotes). I know I can search on “meter” and it displays all of the photos. That’s great as I need the reading of the meter. But I would like to have to avoid going in to each photo and click on “Get Info”. Would just like to see it displayed, perhaps next to the picture. Is there a way.
Thanks in advance.

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    2 years ago

    So I assume you mean in the Photos app on the Mac, right? There’s no way to display the date of the photo as information under each picture. I suppose you could add the date as the title, like: “Meter 2/20/2019” or something.

    I assume you have all of these meter photos in an album? Or you could easily make a Smart Album if you have a keyword assigned. Then look at that album, double-click on the first picture to view it, then look a the top and you’ll see the location, date and other info. Then forward-arrow through the photos to get to the date you want. Does that help?

    Also, to directly answer the question in the title, you could also select all of the photos, Print, then choose Contact Sheet, then click Captions and choose Date as a caption, Then print it as a PDF and save the PDF. Then you have a PDF of all photos with the dates under each.

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