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How Can I Create a Server for My Classroom Of iPads?

I am school teacher finding that the download times from Dropbox and GDrive etc are too slow for my students. When all students are attempting to access one of my files at the same time, things really bog down. I tried using my Airport Extreme and File Browser app but that is too slow as well. I need a faster and more reliable solution. Please share possible solutions.

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like your connection at the school is too slow. Is that right? I don’t think there is much you can do to speed things up, short of having your school get a better service. They have to go out to the Internet to grab from DropBox or anything similar. Since they are iPads and probably not running iPadOS (iOS 13) yet, they can’t access network drives yet, really. But once they are, then you may be able to connect a drive to the Extreme and they should all be able to see those files in the Files app using SMB. I haven’t tried that. But if they all try to use it at once, it will still slow down a bit.

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