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How Can I Delete Never Used Fonts From My Mac?

I have many foreign fonts that came with my Mac, which I will never use. I also use Font Book to help me find the perfect font for the job I am doing, but I need to trudge through many useless (to me) fonts. Is there a way to delete fonts I don’t want from my Mac, and from the Font Book app? Thanks!
Jack Weibel

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    6 years ago

    Font Book is the way to do it. Just select the font and choose File, Remove X Family.

    However, I advise against it. They really don't use much space, and you never know when you'll be browsing a website and some part of the text will use that font. I've come across interesting articles and research papers through links at non-English sites and it is at least nice to have the non-English portions correctly rendered rather than missing or showing black blocks or something.

    A better option would be to select the fonts and then choose Edit, Disable instead of File, Remove.

    Or, better still, create a collection with File, New Collection and put the fonts you do like to use in there. Then you can use Font Book like you said, browsing through just that collection to font the one you want.

    5 years ago

    If you do a restart after disabling fonts, the font list in TextEdit and Pages will be much smaller.

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