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How Can I Edit a PDF File Without Purchasing a Software Program?

I recieved a pdf file from a copy machine which required some editing, but was not able to copy and paste the pdf to pages. There are some free downloads available for that. Problem is, some unwanted software are attached to those downloads.

Is there a solution to this problem with out purchasing a fix?

That’s it!
Jeremy L Powers

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    5 years ago

    So it sounds like essentially what you have is an image scan in PDF file format. So that is just an image wrapped in a PDF. I would open it in Preview, then export it as an image (jpg) file.

    As for editing it, that depends on what you want to change. It is an image, so you can't edit the text directly. While you have it in preview, you can use annotations to do some things. For instance, you could blank out some area with white rectangles, and then put some text box on top of those.

    If you take the exported image, you could edit it in an image editor (Photoshop, Acorn, etc -- whatever you have) and paste blocks of color over things and add text over that.

    I suppose you could take the image into Pages and put text boxes over parts too.

    Of course the "proper" way to edit the document would be to find the original source document. You'd need to find out who created it and what they used.

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