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How Can I Edit “Author” Info In iBooks?

When I add a PDF newsletter or an eBook to iBooks, the name of the author shows up as “Unknown Author” or my name. Is there a way I can either edit the name of the author in iBooks or add the correct author’s name before adding to iBooks?

Using iMac w/ High Sierra 10.13.3 and iPad 11.2.6
Stan Greenberg

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    2 years ago

    You can’t edit that information in iBooks, which is just a reader. You have to set that information when you create the PDF.

    It is hard to answer the question as you create create a PDF with just about any software that creates documents. And where you set the author depends on how the app does it. Some software, like Pages, doesn’t have a place where you can set the PDF author field. But if you Print, and then Print as PDF, you do get that option when you save the file — you can set Title, Author, Subject and Keywords.

    If this is a PDF that someone else created, you can’t do it easily. I suppose you can open it in Preview and Print, Save as PDF and set the information for the new file. Or, I think you can use Automator to create a workflow that will do it. But I’m not sure how much effort you need to put into this. There are also third-party apps that claim to do this, but I’ve never tried one.

    Stan Greenberg
    2 years ago

    Thanks. That answers the question.

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