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How Can I Find Out Why the Standard Account On My Mac Mini Is Very Slow?

On my Mac mini (late 2014) running macOS 10.15.2, my wife’s Standard Account is much slower than my Admin Account. The beachball appears for almost every app/action. Also ‘Recovery folders’, some containing mysterious Apple system files in them keep cropping up in the Bin. I have used Disk Utility/FirstAid and EtreCheck to no avail and looked at the Activity Monitor but am none the wiser. Also have just spent over an hour with Apple Support again to no avail. Can you suggest any procedures I can follow to find out why this is happening on this Standard Account. By the way, my wife is not a heavy user of the computer – just email (Gmail, which both she and I find confusing), Googling for information online, watching films and back-up TV programmes. She professes not to like computers. Perhaps our Mac mini senses this?!? Or is it time to upgrade to Mac mini 2018? Any suggestions gratefully received.
David Girling

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    4 years ago

    Hard to say. Could be an extension or app she is using that you are not. If you really want to diagnose it, your best option is to take it to an expert so they can look at it firsthand.

    But you can also just simply create a new Standard account for her to test and see if that is slow too. If so, then you know it isn't just her account. But if it works, it gives you a quick fix.

    You can also test to see if it has to do with being a "standard" account instead of an admin one by changing it to admin. Why is it a standard account anyway? But I can't think of what a standard account would be slow.

    Anyway, if something is wrong with her account and a new one seems fine, then I would transfer her files to it and sign her into her Apple ID there, etc. You don't have to delete the old account right away. Just leave it around for a while in case she forgot something. You can also choose to archive the files in the account when you delete it just in case.

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