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How Can I Forward Texts To A Group Of Recipients Without Adding Each Individually

I know I must be missing something so please bear with me if it seems I am a bit thick!! I recently changed from a £10 throwaway Vodafone mobile which I’d had for a year and in which I was able to create text groups, i.e. I was able to list people from my contacts list into groups called Adult Jokes, or Kids Stuff and each contained appropriate names. I was then able to quickly forward jokes to a group without worrying that rude content may be sent to a child or a prudish adult!! Now with my £510 iPhone4 I cannot seem to find a way of doing this and even more irritating is that when I begin to add individual names in the “To” field the plus sign disappears below the keyboard after just three names are added and I can’t seem to access it to add more. I then have to send the same message again and again because of this. Please tell me I have not wasted my money as this is one of the main reasons I have a mobile. I love sending and receiving jokes which brighten my day but I am getting more and more annoyed by my failure to grasp this iPhone’s text service. Please help.

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    9 years ago

    Check out this:

    Its an app that should do what you want.


    Dave Blake
    9 years ago

    try clicking in the text message insert box then clicking back on the to line and it should push the plus sign up so it is visable

    9 years ago

    When you create a new message the curser should be flashing in the “to”field simply type the first 1 or 2 letters of the name you want then pick from the list, scrolling if needed.the name should apper in a blue bubble in the “to” field with the curser flashing after the new name, just continue the first step till all the name are added. To make sure u only make this groupe once don’t delete the group from you message list. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to name the groups. Hope this helps

    9 years ago

    I don’t seem to be having the same problem , groups don’t seem to work but I can add more than 5 contacts type a message and return to add more contacts without a hitch.

    9 years ago

    There is setting for “group messaging”. You need to be sure this is turned on.

    Joe Shmoe
    9 years ago

    this feature is missing so that users don’t send joke spam…

    9 years ago

    Thanks to everyone for trying to help. I’ve now worked out a way of doing it. I do one long press on the received text until I get the “copy” option. Pressing this copies the entire text. Then I went to my list of messages where thanks to the advice given about adding more names by typing the first few letters, I had now created a previously sent text to 12 contacts. I clicked on this to open up the conversation page and started a new text by doing one long press in the text field until the “paste” option appeared, pasted the text I wanted to send and clicked the send button. Job done.

    Once again a big thank you to all of you, especially John who showed me how to add more contacts to the “to” field.

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