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How Can I Get Back the Slider Control for Viewing File Icons In Finder?

A feature I used extensively in Snow Leopard (and some earlier OS X versions) is now missing from Mountain Lion. There used to be. Little slider in the bottom right hand corner that allowed you to adjust the size of file icons on the fly. Can I still access this function? Where can I find it?
I realize that there are several alternatives for viewing thumbnails of files from the Finder (such as Album View and Quick Look). I loved the instsnt control that slider offered and find myself missing it more everyday.
Andrew Raimist

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    7 years ago

    It is still there, and in the same place. The problem is that before you probably had the status bar turned on. In Mountain Lion it is off by default. But you can very easily turn it back on again.
    With a Finder window open, choose View, Show Status Bar.
    For others, note that the icon size control in the bottom right only shows up when you are in icon view. It isn’t there in list or column view.

      Andrew Raimist
      7 years ago

      Thank you very much! Perfect!

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