Forum Question: How Can I Get Faster Speeds In iMovie Import With Some Conversions?

I have a panasonic video camera that uses the .MOD format.
I convert them to .m4v format with the converter iVl program.
But when I import these into iMovie it can take 6 hours to import a 15 minute video clip.
I can download straight from my camera into iMovie and this is quick. But as soon as I archive a clip it is in the .MOD format and iMovie will not reload it. Hence I have to convert it to m4v and it takes forever to import.
I work with 2-3 of these every 24 hours and it is a major pain in the computer! I have an older video camera that used a Apple friendly format and it was quick imports.
Should I try another converter? Is m4v the right format????

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    12/2/11 @ 4:18 pm

    It should not take 6 hours to import 15 minutes. When you convert them, what are your options? It sounds like maybe you are converting them to something that iMovie has a hard time reading, perhaps needing to filter it through some QuickTime process to get it in.
    Keep in mind that “m4v” is just a file extension. It doesn’t really tell you what compression format the video uses. Hopefully you have some options. Otheriwse, why not import directly into iMovie? Why “archive” it as a .mod first?
    Also, you may want to use another program to convert the video. Maybe try MPEGStreamclip? Or Miro?

      12/2/11 @ 5:37 pm

      Thanks for responding. I agree it should not take 6 hours. The options on iVl are kind of like dummy lights… they say “this is the best format for iMovie.”

      As far as your question about importing them direct into iMovie… I can do this. iMovie reads them fine, but I cannot hold that many video’s in iMovie due to size… I have several hundred of these and so I use an external hard drive to store them. Once I move them out of iMovie to store them to work with later, then iMovie will not convert them again or I mean refuses to import them whether stored in my computer or the hard drive. Even the stored versions in iMovie archives will not reload into iMovie. I can only edit and work with them when they import direct into the bottom screen of iMovie. But enough of that whining.

      I am trying the other coverters that you suggested. It seems like there is something not right in the format of the iVl converter, even though it states it is iMovie compatible.

      I think you have helped me understand- check in about this problem.



        12/2/11 @ 6:26 pm

        Why not import them into iMovie but store them on another drive? You can place iMovie events on any drive attached to the computer, not just the main one. Look carefully at the events interface and you’ll see. Click the drive icon next to the words “Event Library” and it becomes clearer.

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