Forum Question: How Can I Get Junk Mail Onto My MacBook Instead Of iPhone?

Recently purchased Mac Book Pro 13″ with El Capitan. Transferred all files from Time Machine onto the new laptop from my old desktop. Since then, all previously marked JUNK mail is coming into Junk on my iPhone6. I would prefer it comes into Mail Junk on my Mac Book. I use iCloud and also have an iPad Air. This is not a big deal; but I don’t want to load up my iphone with Junk Mail as i get 50+ junk emails per day! Is there a setting I can change? Thank you for your help. Carol
Carol McClenahan

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    2/15/16 @ 5:25 pm

    iCloud mail is modern email (like Gmail). It doesn’t “come into” your Mac or your iPhone. It comes into the iCloud server. Then you use a client (Mail for iOS or Mail for Mac) to view it.
    So you should see the same thing in the Junk mail on your Mac as you do on your iPhone.
    If you don’t want to deal with it on your iPhone, just never look at your Junk email folder there. Instead, look at it on your Mac. Or, better yet, don’t look at it in either place. At least not that often. Maybe once a week when you have time.

    Carol McClenahan
    2/16/16 @ 12:23 pm

    Thank you for your quick response! I understand now how this works. Today, I compared my iPhone and iPad and they had the exact same Junk emails. When checking my MacBook; the Junk emails are only a few and are different than the OS devices. Everything else is working fine; so I won’t worry about Junk and do as you say. I have settings to delete the Junk emails after one week.

    Carol McClenahan
    2/16/16 @ 5:57 pm

    Solved problem: Went to Mail Preferences: Accounts, Mailbox Behaviors, checked box on “Store messages on server”. (Also deletes junk after one week.) Now all the Junk email messages agree on all three devices. Sorry to have bothered you with this as I should have realized it was a preference setting.

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