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How Can I Get My Apple Watch Off Airplane Mode?

I set my iPhone on airplane mode recently, then changed it back so it was not in airplane mode. My Apple Watch still displays the airplane mode on it. I checked my iPhone, and saw that my watch is supposed to mirror my phone. My iPhone is NOT in airplane mode, but my watch still is. I waited overnight to see if it was still that way in the morning, and it still is. Any ideas to try? I’m not sure how that will affect the function of the watch, but I am curious. Thanks.
Jack Weibel

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    4 years ago

    Did you just try turning off Airplane mode on the watch? You can do that by toggling the same button.

    It makes sense that your Apple Watch will go into Airplane Mode when you do it on your iPhone. But it also makes sense that it can’t turn off Airplane mode automatically when you turn it off on your iPhone — how can the watch know your iPhone turned off Airplane mode? Airplane mode means it is disconnected, so it can’t receive that information.

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