Forum Question: How Can I Have My Mac Remember To Path the iTunes Media Folder?

I have my iTunes media folder connected to a network hard drive(it is plugged into an Airport Extreme).
Of course, my MacBook leaves the house every day and when I get back, iTunes has forgotten where the media folder is. I have to re-path it, and then it takes at least five minutes to re-organise.
How can I have my Mac remember the path to my iTunes Media folder. It shouldn’t be an impossible task because I do not have to re-teach Time Machine where its network drive is after a day away.
Is there a fix, or a terminal command to remedy this?
Grant Ward

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    8/26/12 @ 10:48 am

    There are many problems to having your media folder on an external drive if you are using a portable Mac. I wouldn’t do it that way.
    If your goal is to offload some of your media files onto a larger external drive, I would go the route of turning off the ‘organize’ preference in iTunes and store some (or all) of your media on an external drive in a folder you make.
    Either that,or not ever launch iTunes when the drive is not connected.
    Another idea is to store your entire iTunes library on the external drive, then have an alternate iTunes library on the internal one, and switch between them when you start up iTunes.

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