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How Can I Hide the Last Remaining Window?

I learned that hiding applications with ⌘+H works better for me in most cases than minimizing the entire application. It’s also quicker. I’ve gotten very used to it, but recently I discovered something weird (that I swear was not there before).

When I have multiple windows (from different apps) open on my desktop and hit ⌘+H several times, it works until there is only one window left. I can’t hide the last visible window on the screen. When I look in the Application Menu, I see that the options Hide [Application Name] and “Hide Others” are greyed out. This is true for every app, but only when it is the “last window” standing.

Is this a bug, or standard behaviour and/or is there a way to override this?
Roel Van Gils

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    2 years ago

    You can't hide the last app because what would be left? Just a blank screen?

    Probably what you want to do instead is to hide all of the apps except for the Finder.

    Better yet, switch to the Finder and use Option+Command+H to "Hide Others." Or the Finder menu, Hide Others.

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