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How Can I Increase Text Size In Contacts?

I would like to view my contacts list and cards with larger text size. Command (+) and Option-Command (+) do not work. Is there a way?

Using iMac (High Sierra), iPad and iPhone 8+. All with latest updates.
Stan Greenberg

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    2 years ago

    There is no option to make the text in the Contacts app on the Mac larger. However, there are several options to make things easier to read on your Mac. You can turn on Zoom in System Preferences, Accessibility. Then practice using it. This may be a good idea since if you are having trouble seeing the text in Contacts, then it is probably an issue at other times as well.

    Another idea is to change your screen resolution. This also goes along with the idea that if Contacts are hard to see, then other things may be too. System Preferences, Displays.

    On your iPad and iPhone, you can go to Settings, Display and Brightness, Text Size and adjust the text size for all of the system apps, including Contacts as well, I believe. There are also some Accessibility options on iOS that you may want to look into.

    2 years ago

    Out of passing interest: I use a wired extended keyboard with my iMac. Years ago I assigned ‘zoom in’ to F17, and out to F16… and use them all the time, very convenient! Did it through the keyboard prefs; forget the details but recall it fairly simple. (Also assigned ‘speak text’ to F19, and let it read to me while I’m up to whatever within earshot… just highlight the text you’d like to hear and press F19… & again to stop.)

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