Forum Question: How Can I Install HP Monitor Software?

I have the MacBook Pro with lion OS. Just purchased an HP x2301 monitor and surprised to find that it will not install the software and instructions disc (.exe install) The annoying thing is that there is nothing on the packaging to indicate that the software disc is for windows. Is there any other way that you may be aware that I can install the software ? If this is not feasible would I be missing anything as the monitor seems to be functioning OK. Thanks

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    1/14/12 @ 3:33 pm

    So it sounds like HP includes some Windows-based software with this monitor. Do you know what the software does? Perhaps it only installs Windows drivers of some sort — something you don’t need on your Mac anyway. Probably don’t need it on a modern install of Windows either.
    Anyway, if the software is Windows-only, then you have no choice. You can’t install it on your Mac. Chances are you probably don’t need it. Does the monitor work OK?
    You can also go to the HP site and look up the product and see if there is a support page. They may have a Mac version of the software there, or an explanation of what the software does.

    1/15/12 @ 3:28 am

    Thanks Gary, Everything appears to be displaying OK so I guess you may be right. Visited the HP site and all the driver and software was for windows. I have surfed around various forums and sites whereby HP states they are working with Mac but all appears to be with leopard and before. I’ll try the wifes windows and see what (if any) software differences there may be. What annoys me is that nowhere do HP state that the monitor is windows only, even on the CD. Thanks again :-)

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