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How Can I Make a Group In Contacts On My iPad?

I have a group of friends in my contacts on my computer I call Regulars. I want to put the same group on my iPad
My iPad is model A1458, I don’t think they ever gave that one a name! I’m pretty sure it was the first one with a retina screen
Jeanette Marlow

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    3 years ago

    Unfortunately, there is no way to create email groups with iOS. Any version of iOS, and iPad or iPhone. Apple just never put that functionality in the Contacts app in iOS.

    You can certainly send an email to several people by selecting each one. You can also create a group on your Mac in that Contacts app and it will appear (via iCloud) on your iPad. If your computer is a Mac and you are syncing Contacts via iCloud, you should see that group o your iPad.

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