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How Can I Make Waterfall Charts Easily In Numbers?

I would like to make waterfall charts with some data without buying expensive add ins is there a way to do this?

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    11 years ago

    I've never heard of waterfall charts before. But a quick search filled me in. There is no native support for them in Numbers, but they can be faked using stacked charts.
    For instance, if you have two positive numbers and two negative ones, like 100, 50, -25 and -40 then you can create two columns:
    0 100
    100 150
    125 150
    85 125
    Then make a stacked chart with that set. Set the lower portion to use a white color, and it will blend in with the background.
    You could use some formulas to generate the actual columns, like the 85 is equal to the 100+50-25-40 and the 125 is that same result +40.

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