Forum Question: How Can I Manually Uninstall Prey Anti-Theft App From My Mac?

The Prey uninstaller will not work for me. I click on it, enter my computer password to authenticate, and then nothing happens. Prey seems to have good reviews, but I’ll take my chances without it. When I visit the Prey Project website and sign in I find my computer is still being monitored. Does anyone know a way to manually uninstall this app so I can remove all traces of it from my computer. Please describe the required steps so a non-techie can understand. I am using Lion. I’ve previously deleted all files(that I could find) pertaining to this app so nothing appears in Finder searches.

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    12/1/11 @ 7:56 am

    Have you looked on the Web site of the developer to see if they have uninstall instructions? If they don’t, have you tried to contact them?
    I went to the page and searched their troubleshooting section for “uninstall” and immediately came up with an article that explains it.
    You need to go back to their original .dmg installer. Download it again if you don’t have it anymore. Then run the installer and there is an “uninstall” option.
    This is typical of a lot of software — to make the installer both an installer and uninstaller.

      12/1/11 @ 1:33 pm

      Thank you. However, the Prey .dmg uninstaller doesn’t work. That’s why I submitted my question in the first place. I’ve been to the troubleshooting section as well. Or am I misunderstanding something?

        12/1/11 @ 1:35 pm

        So then your best option is to try to contact the developers.

    12/1/11 @ 5:31 pm

    Hey Nolan!

    What you’ve done is correct! When you run the “uninstaller” you don’t get a message or alert, and it’s that way on purpose because it’s ment to confuse a potential thief. After uninstalling Prey you have to delete the device in the Control Panel, but try flagging the device as missing to see if you get reports. That way you can double check if it has been successfully uninstalled. Oh by the way, why did you uninstall Prey? It works magic!

      12/1/11 @ 8:09 pm

      Thank you for clarifying things. It was just a personal choice to uninstall.

      Best wishes.

    3/6/12 @ 3:47 am

    I did all that, even unsubscribed now from prey but I still get the logon screen when I start my macbook pro.
    I don’t know a lot about looking into codes and stuff,
    anyone has a solution that I can understand?

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