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How Can I Mute the iPad Volume?

Not sure if you answer ipad questions, but here’s mine. I turn the volume to zero, but certain apps will jump to a video ad at times. ie. Cody Cross, Angry Birds.. That’s fine, but as soon as the ad plays the volume turns on. Running IOS 13.4.1 on ipad 6th gen. There is no mute button as what used to be on older ipads or phones

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    4 years ago

    Volume in iOS and iPadOS can be tricky. What you change when you turn the volume down using the buttons on the side depends on your setting in Settings, Sounds. There is a Change With Buttons setting, and if it is off, then the volume controls adjust music and other sounds, but not alerts. Not sure what those ads are doing and whether they are trying to play sound as "alerts" or not.

    So play with that setting to see if it helps. There is also a setting in the Control Center. Switch down from the top right corner to bring up the Control Center. Then tap the Bell icon to go into Silent Mode. This should mute alerts. See if that helps.

    But the underlying problem is a bad developer. Not necessarily the developer of the game, but the developer of the ad system that the game is using. Or course they want those ads to grab your attention, so maybe they know what they are doing.

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