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How Can I Open a Itmss Stream?

I have Itunes 12.6.1 and i have url stream links that just dont open or sound. I am connected with mi id and the sender of the link uses same itunes update.
Evelyn Guzman

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    3 years ago

    You simply use File, Open Stream in iTunes. If this doesn’t work, then the stream is using a format that iTunes doesn’t support. Are you getting an error message?

    3 years ago

    Not error, just it seems that is loading, but never does, this is the link (is for a company so i dont know if you will ahve acces) i can have acces just by connecting with my id on itunes, but they seem not know what happen either. itmss://

    3 years ago

    I’m not sure either. You said it is a company that gave that URL to you? Then they will have to be the ones to help. It could be they gave you the wrong URL, or something is not compatible with the version of iTunes you are using. All sorts of possibilities.

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