Forum Question: How Can I Play a Commercial DVD On MBP and See It On TV?

What’s the best way (any way?) to stream the playing of commercial DVD movies from my MacBook Pro with latest Lion to Apple TV 3 and on to our Panasonic HDTV? Do I need to use ripping software I see advertised, or does Apple let me do this easily? If I do have to rip a typiCal DVD, how much empty hard drive space would I likely need? Thanks.
John Russell

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    7/19/12 @ 11:28 am

    With Mountain Lion, you’ll have the ability to mirror your screen to your Apple TV. That said, I don’t think the DVD Player app will work with it (too many restrictions from Hollywood). Not sure if HDMI out (or mini DisplayPort to HDMI) will work either.
    If you rip it (use Handbrake, your should be able to stream it from iTunes on your Mac to Apple TV. Just make sure to rip it for Apple TV (Handbrake preset) and then add it to your iTunes library on your Mac.
    Of course, if it is a DVD and you want to play it on a TV, and this is something you need to do often, you might be better off just getting a cheap DVD player. They are under $25 nowadays.

    7/19/12 @ 7:06 pm

    Does Handbrake rip protected DVDs??

      7/19/12 @ 8:20 pm

      Depends on what you mean by protected. All commercial DVDs are protected. Handbrake works with most of them, but you occasionally hear about about times it doesn’t work.

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