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How Can I Print a Report In Numbers V.5?

I have a Numbers data base for my bicycle riding. Started in 2/2/12. Four columns, date/minutes on bike/miles/notes.
There are 35+ pages in the data base, way to much to print when all I need are the bottom line statistics.
I see the totals in the cells in line #1243 on page #125 but no where can I find a ‘print report’. I would like to have something to show the bicycle club I belong to.
If there is a way to show start date, times, miles that would be enough. All the other info/wind speed/ road conditions / observations which as an extensive column of its own are NOT necessary to be included in the report.
Joe Juliano

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    6 years ago

    For something like this, maybe try hiding the rows and columns you don't want to print. Just select the rows to hide and choose Table, Hide X Rows. Then do the same for the columns you wish to hide. If you hide the bulk of the rows and a few columns it sounds like you may get what you want. Then you can choose Table, Unhide All Rows and Unhide All Columns.

    Otherwise, you'll need to create a second sheet in that document and create a table that has exactly the data you need. Use formulas to take the data from the table in the first sheet and use that data in cells in the second sheet. Then just print that second sheet as your report.

    joe juliano
    6 years ago

    I should have stated earlier that I didn't crate this data base. Crated for me by Apple Instructor at an Apple class after purchasing a 2011 MBP in 2011.
    Your advice is spot on. I think I need to take your MacMost course on NUMBERS.
    Second suggestion_when you state create a second sheet, I've managed that. Formulas? where? and do I copy formulas and past them into where on the second sheet.
    I don't think I can do this even w/ your help. I just plug in numbers in Numbers. Don't know it. Thx

    6 years ago

    joe: It will take some know-how to get it done, yes. But you can do a formula that is simply a single reference to another cell. For instance in D7 you could have =C2 so that D7 just shows the value of C2. Now if you just do that for cells across tables by typing = and then clicking on the cell in the other table/sheet

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