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How Can I Program the F Keys On My Mac.

I would like to program a text string to an F key that can then be used in a passcode box.
John Baker

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    2 years ago

    So you want to be able to press F1 and have it type out something like 1234? I can’t think of an easy way to do that. It is easy to map F-keys to menu items, but not to have it type text for you. Instead, maybe consider using a text substitution. Use the functionality at System Preferences, Keyboard, Text and create a substitution for something like q1 to type out 123456. That is probably your best bet.

    Otherwise, I’d imagine you could pay a few dollars to use TextExpander, TypeIt4Me or another third-party tool to do it.

    You could probably do it with an Automator workflow as a Service, then assign F1 to that service menu name. I think it will only work with access control enabled for that workflow. If you have experience with those things you could try that. It may take some work to get there. So my first suggestion may be your best bet.

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