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How Can I Put a Photo In My Signature On My iPhone SE?

Is there any way to incorporate a photo image into my signature on my iPhone SE?

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Jack Weibel

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    4 years ago

    Yes. You can do this. Just use copy and paste. Copy the image from somewhere, like a Pages document, Notes image, web page, Photos app, etc. And then go to the Settings app and paste the image into the Signature.
    Advice: Make it a small image so you don’t constantly annoy friends and colleagues by sending them a large attachment each time you email them. Very small. Personally, I hate even small ones — FYI/

    Jack Weibel
    4 years ago

    I did try that. It looked okay in the signature file, but when I sent an email to myself, it had just the text, and a small square without an image. I used a tiny 3/4-inch .jpg file.

    4 years ago

    Jack: Not sure why it didn’t work, sorry. Perhaps there is no way to do it, then.

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