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How Can I Reclaim Space That Deleted Files Are Taking Up On a USB-mounted SD Card?

I have a little audio recorder that stores its data on an SD card. I can can copy .mp3 files from the card to my computer with a USB card reader. That part works fine.
Trouble is — the total available space on the SD card shrinks, even after I use the finder to delete the files from the card. I have to format it again to free up the space.
Is there a command I can use that actually rids the file form the card without reformatting it?
Bill Long

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    11 years ago

    Have you emptied the trash? If you just move files to the trash, it doesn't delete them. Think of it as marking them for deletion. Empty the trash to actually throw them away. Make sure the card is inserted and mounted when you do that so it knows to empty the trash on that card as well as the trash on your hard drive.

    11 years ago

    And also, after you have followed Gary's advice and "emptied the trash *on the card drive ID,* make sure you drag its drive ID desktop icon to the "trash bin" which then acts as a "dismount button" *before removing it*. Some SD cards are real finicky if they're not properly "dismissed from class," they lose formatting or act goofy. Otherwise, reformat.

    11 years ago

    To quote Thomas Huxley, "How stupid of me, not to have thought of it myself."


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