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How Can I Regain Stationery for Apple Mail After Upgrading To Mojave ?

I have always used stationery, that was in Sierra, in order to send colorful emails to club members. After installing Mojave the stationery is no longer available. (It was from pre-built email templates)
Is there any way to regain this functionality of Apple Mail and add stationery to Apple Mail 10.14.2?
Mary Moerman

Comments: One Response to “How Can I Regain Stationery for Apple Mail After Upgrading To Mojave ?”

    2 years ago

    No, there is no way to regain Stationery.
    However, you can still send out colorful emails. It will just be harder.
    You’ll have to use the tools inside of Mail to do it, and start a new design based on what is available, without too much in terms of expectations.
    Or, consider creating a PDF document using any design you can imagine and send that. It will probably greatly increase compatibility as there are so many different email reader apps out there on so many different devices. The old stationary templates looked great on Macs, but I’m not sure how well they held up on various different desktop and mobile computing devices and other ways to read email.
    Also, you could look for alternatives to Mail. There are several around. I don’t use any of them so I can’t recommend one.

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